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Sore Subjects are ripping up the interweb!
Check out our recommendation from Newcity Music:

Sept. 23, 2010 – “The garage-rock wave seems to have ebbed into the resurgence of pop punk. Where these two crests meet splashing onto the local scene are Chicago trio the Sore Subjects.”

“Their Midwestern take on the easily accessible stylings of the Ramones places them alongside the new class of modern punks proudly upholding the “1,2,3,4″ ethos. Their songs are deceptively simple and wacky (such as their single “Back to the Jungle”). The guitarist Joey IPA’s downstrokes and drummer ChaChu’s 4/4 tempo will cause your feet to tap in time. Don your leather jacket and chew out the rhythm on bubble gum for a fist pumping blast of raw power.”

-John Wawrzaszek, Newcity Music

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